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Lectures Next Week:

Tuesday, June 9  10-11:30 am

OLLI Distinguished Lecture Series presents
Mentorship Today Impacts the Future
Timothy Neal, Assistant Professor and Director of the Athletic Training Program, Concordia University
Mentorship plays a valuable role in the development of others. The mentor has a unique perspective on individuals who aspire to develop as a professional and person. This presentation will discuss the importance of mentorship, some considerations on effectively mentoring others, and the value mentorship provides society in developing the next level of productive citizens and professionals.
Neal is a certified athletic trainer and National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Hall of Fame member. He spent 35 years as a clinical athletic trainer and Adjunct Professor at Syracuse University. He has mentored dozens of athletic training professionals, student-athletes and young coaches.

Link to Timothy Neal's lecture: https://umich.zoom.us/j/98378975260
US: +1 646 876 9923  or +1 301 715 8592
Webinar ID: 983 7897 5260

Wednesday, June 10    2-3:30 pm  online (Afternoon!)

Afternoons with OLLI presents
Cannabis as Medicine and its use in the time of COVID
Dr. Connie McLaughlin-Miley: pharmacist, clinician, educator, patient advocate
Cannabis has been a pain reliever for years, and with increased adult use and legalization, the use of cannabis as medicine has mainstreamed. People living with cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and other health issues rely on it to ease their symptoms.  The talk will focus on helping to better understand the science and use of cannabis as medicine as well as its relevance in the management of symptomatic COVID infection.
Dr. McLaughlin-Miley completed her Pharmacy education at UM and a postdoctoral Fellowship in Health Economics and Outcomes Research with the University of South Carolina, Columbia and Glaxo-Smith Kline. She also earned her MBA, focused in Health Policy, from the University of California, Irvine. After a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, she presently consults within professional and patient communities to manage the use of cannabinoids and other plant medicines.

Link to Dr. McLauaghlin-Miley's lecture: https://umich.zoom.us/j/95403373021
US: +1 646 876 9923  or +1 301 715 8592
Webinar ID: 954 0337 3021

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June 4, 2020
June 3, 2020
June 2, 2020
June 1, 2020

OLLI's Summer Lecture Series

Thursday, June 11   10-11:30 am  online

Great Lakes Threats and Strategies for Protection and Restoration
Laura Rubin, Director, Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition
The Great Lakes region has a strong restoration plan that has secured over $3.1 billion dollars in federal funds to clean up toxic pollution that poses a threat to people and wildlife, reduce polluted runoff that causes harmful algal blooms that poison drinking water, stop invasive species that harm fish and wildlife and outdoor recreation, and reverse habitat destruction that harm the environment and hurt the economy. Federal investments are producing results in communities across an eight-state region. But serious threats remain, and the Healing Our Waters—Great Lakes Coalition is continuing to advocate for solutions that protect our drinking water, jobs, and way of life.
Laura Rubin has spent more than 30 years working on environmental protection, policy, and conservation issues. She is currently the Director of the Healing Our Waters—Great Lakes Coalition, which has been harnessing the collective power of more than 160 groups representing millions of people, whose common goal is to restore and protect the Great Lakes. The Coalition has earned a well-deserved reputation as a national leader in securing federal investment in regional ecosystem restoration efforts.
Link to Laura Rubin's lecture:
US: +1 312 626 6799  or +1 646 876 9923
Webinar ID: 978 5771 8001

Thursday, June 18   10-11:30 am  online

PFAS in the Huron River Watershed
Daniel A. Brown, Watershed Planner, Huron River Watershed Council
This talk will cover common sources of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) chemicals to the environment, the associated health risks of exposure, and their status in the Huron River watershed. The recent history of how major sources of PFAS were discovered in the river and its fish, along with what is being done to prevent human exposure, will be discussed.
Daniel Brown is a Watershed Planner with the Huron River Watershed Council. His work focuses on emerging contaminants, dam removal, the coordination of the Huron River Water Trail, and addressing the effects of climate change. His background is in climatology, and before working with HRWC, he helped institutions and governments across the U.S. and Canada find solutions to environmental challenges.

Link to Daniel Brown's lecture:
US: +1 646 876 9923  or +1 301 715 8592

Webinar ID: 957 5348 2948

Thursday, June 25   10-11:30 am  online
Brian Stieglitz              Curt Wolf              Sara Talpos

Michigan Water Quality Update -- Panel Discussion 
Brian Steglitz, P.E., Manager, City of Ann Arbor Water Treatment Services
Curt Wolf, P.E., Managing Director, UM Urban Collaboratory
Sara Talpos, Moderator, Science Journalist, and Senior Editor, Undark magazine at MIT
Brian Steglitz is the Manager of Water Treatment Services for the City of Ann Arbor and is responsible for operation of the City’s 50 MGD Water Treatment Plant that serves approximately 125,000 people in the City of Ann Arbor and environs.  Mr. Steglitz is a former Vice President of the American Water Works Association, and is currently on the Board of Directors for The Water Research Foundation.  Mr. Steglitz has a BA in Economics from Yale University and a MS in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.
Curt Wolf serves as Managing Director of the University of Michigan’s Urban Collaboratory.  Established in 2016, the Urban Collaboratory connects faculty and students from a variety of fields to work in partnership with city stakeholders to accelerate community progress toward improved health, sustainability, and equity through collaborative research that translates innovation to practice.   Mr. Wolf has served in a number of senior management positions for large multinational consulting firms, directing a wide variety of technical disciplines, and providing consulting services to governments, corporations, foundations, institutions and non-profit corporations.  Mr. Wolf is a Professional Engineer licensed in several states, and holds a BS in Civil Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the University of Missouri at St. Louis.
Sara Talpos is an independent science journalist and senior editor at Undark magazine, a science magazine affiliated with MIT. In 2019, she published a feature in Science magazine about how local citizens uncovered PFAS contamination in west Michigan. More recently, she reporter for Undark on a new legal strategy known as “toxic battery” being tested in PFAS cases across the country.

Link to June 25 panel discussion:
US: +1 301 715 8592  or +1 312 626 6799
Webinar ID: 924 7797 9810

Many thanks to the OLLI Summer Lecture Series Committee for planning this timely program:
Richard Chase
Twila Deigert, Chair
Jerry Gardner
Craig Ramsay
Norm Samuelson
Frances Schultz

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To stay up to date on any new developments regarding COVID-19, feel free to visit the below links for additional resources. 

CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
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Michigan Medicine: https://www.uofmhealth.org/coronavirus-covid-19-update
Essential Services that Remain Open from Washtenaw Community Health Department https://www.washtenaw.org/3100/COVID-19-Essential-Services-Updates
COVID-19 Resources and Services in Washtenaw County
This is a community list of resources that folks and organizations have offered during the COVID-19 crisis. COVID-19 Help and Services Washtenaw County - Google Docs

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OLLI Reads and community partners enjoying WDET’s Stephen Henderson and Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha’s presentation on October 21, 2019 as part Michigan Humanities’ Great Michigan Read!

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